About us

About Us

The Marina Run Club is one of San Francisco and the Bay Area's largest run clubs. Our run club was started in March 2023.

Now, we're a group of runners who meet 4x per week in the Marina to run and support each other's goals.

We base our programming off the core principles of: 

  • Community
  • Routine
  • Fitness 

Whether you’re a new runner or existing, please be reminded of these important shared community values:  

  • Remember our mission. We set out on a mission to create a community of runners at all levels to motivate and support each other towards their goals. Whether it’s committing to a new routine, a race, or simply getting into a new sport, we’re here to support you and ask that you support the group around you.  
  • Show up for a run anytime. It is free to run with us. We also have an added paid social membership for our WhatsApp community, extra member events, workout classes and discounts to offer a way to get more involved.
  • We are a growing community. And each of you is a part of shaping it. As we’ve said from day 1: be kind, practice empathy and emotional intelligence, and get to know the others in the group. Ask questions and be genuinely curious about the people that you meet. We want to be a part of a community that we're proud of. And if you are seeing behavior that isn’t aligned to this expectation, please reach out to a Captain 1:1.  
  • Everyone is welcome. The Marina Run Club is a welcoming space for anyone. We start every run with an icebreaker to encourage conversation. We host an Intro to Running for new members. No matter your pace, running ability, age, where you live, nationality or gender identification, we welcome you to join us. This is an area we’re continuing to invest in and partnering with other clubs to promote. And you have a role to play here: make an effort to help someone feel welcome on a run this week. Or if you have ideas or you’d like to be involved in our efforts to create a safe and inclusive environment, please reply to this email.

As a reminder, we welcome all feedback from you to shape this club as we grow. We have an anonymous Feedback Form and have Captains represented on every run available to talk about your experiences and how we can continue to build our community in all the best ways. Our hope is that you find a community that supports and inspires you through MRC. If this isn’t the case, please reply to this email or reach out to me at info@marinarunclub.com anytime with feedback or for a conversation.

Are you looking for a run club in San Francisco? Wherever you are on your running journey, we are here to offer support and accountability to help you achieve your goals.